Welcome to Fleetwood

Splash out and enjoy some fun, fresh air and freedom in and around Wyre’s amazing stretch of coastline! Fleetwood is situated in the pretty district of Wyre on the Fylde Coast - a stone’s throw away from the bustling bright lights of Blackpool and the Area of Outstanding natural beauty which is Garstang and the Forest of Bowland. Fleetwood is also very well placed for you to visit the busy cities of Lancaster to the North and Preston to the South. Visit www.visitwyre.co.uk or telephone 01253 887445 for more information.

Take and trip on a histories tram and stop of at the busy shopping town of Cleveleys and enjoy the award winning Cleveleys Waterfront and continue down the coast to the famous seaside resort of Blackpool

Wyre also has a very good network of urban and rural public transport facilities with regular buses, trams and trains running in and out of the borough so you can enjoy its many places to see and things to do.

Whats On in Wyre

The folk of Wyre are known for hosting some of the county’s most unique and interesting events throughout the year, so while you are visiting us be sure to check out the online calendar at www.visitwyre.co.uk/events

Here’s a taste of just some of the great annual events you shouldn’t miss ………

Fleetwood 175 Events – a series of events are taking place to celebrate Fleetwood’s 175th Anniversary including Music and Dance Festival’s Carnival, Heritage and poetry. Please take a look at www.visitwyre.co.uk for more information.

Legends Fire North West Stages Rally                               - February
Beer Festival                                                                             - February

Garstang Walking Festival                                                     - May
Great Eccleston and District Agricultural Show                  - July
(Tram and Transport Festival) Tram Sunday                      - July
Garstang Agricultural Show                                                   - August
Great Eccleston Tractor Pulling Championships              - August Bank Holiday
Fylde Folk Festival                                                                    - September
Fleetwood Stock                                                                       - September
Guy’s Oyster Festival                                                               - September
Fleetwood Music and Arts Festival                                       - September/October
Fleetwood Theatre Festival                                                    - October

For further information please contact:

Visit Fleetwood TIC
01253 773953

Visit Cleveleys TIC
01253 853378

Visit Garstang TIC
01995 602125